Headlines Entice and Capture Your Audience to Want to Read More

Do you need some good ideas to enhance your headlines?  Are your headlines performing as well as you’d like?

A good headline stops your audience in their tracks, grabs their attention, they read your headline and are enticed to read through your entire article and share it.

So here are some easy tips I’ve put together to help you with your headline writing skills. You will be able to craft stronger headlines, draw people to your content and engage your readers.

1/ Keep it Simple

A direct headline goes straight to the heart of the matter.  Don’t try to explain, play with words or make a joke just get to the point.  Using a few simple techniques, you can craft headlines that capture attention and convince people to click through to your content.

2/ Numbers in Headlines Attract

Headlines that contain numbers can perform better than other types of headlines.

Your readers are promised a quick and easy to read article or list so they know it’s not time-consuming reading a long story to get the answer they’re looking for.

3/ Highlight the Benefit or Value

Your readers need to know what’s in it for them? Why should they read your post? Take that benefit and state it in your headline.  Then your followers will click on your article or post and be enlightened.

QUOTE:   “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.”  David Ogilvy

4/ Ask Questions – What, Which, When, How & Why

Appeal to your followers ‘hot-to’ instinct.  Most people want to improve their lives in some way. So headlines with questions can be effective. But never ask a question that can be answered with a ‘no’. Your readers will want to know the answer and will read your post to find out more.

5/ Avoid Positive Descriptions

Headlines that contain overused words like ‘cheapest, fastest, best’ gets ignored or disbelieved.  It’s been found that negative superlatives like ‘never, or worst’ for example performed 63% better than those containing positives. (Stat from Outbrain)  Negative terms are viewed as more authentic and believable.

6/ Use Adjectives or Keywords

The use of interesting adjectives though shows to work well in headlines. Try incorporating adjectives plus a keyword and a promise.  These words grab your reader’s attention and draw them in to read your post.

7/ Write Enticing First Sentences

Make sure the first sentence after your headline is enticing.

You want to ensure your followers are going to click on the article or the link to completely read through it.

Headlines are the most vital element in your posts or on social media.

According to Copyblogger, 80% of people will read your headline but only 20% of people who see your post will read beyond the headline.  A great headline will make the difference between your post being read and shared.

What do you think? Have you used any of these tips? What other tips do you find works for you?