How You Can Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

I’m always looking for ways to grow my business using social media. It might seem like a daunting task for you to learn all there is to know about using Facebook for business. I try to expand my social media business by implementing one or two new ideas or elements each week. One of the top ways is to create a business Facebook Group.

This week I want to focus on Facebook groups and how you can use them to grow your business. There are different types of Facebook groups and purposes behind creating one. This blog is focussing on how small business owners can increase engagement, offer value and connect with your target audience.

Maybe you already participate in Facebook groups or maybe you want to start one for your business.

Facebook groups help businesses promote products, services, offer customer support and much more.

Facebook Group vs Facebook Page

One of the top reasons to create a Facebook Group is you become more visible to your target audience and it’s a great opportunity to network.

A Facebook Group does not replace your Facebook Page. Rather your Group complements your Page.

When you post in your Group it is seen by all the members who belong to the group because they receive notifications. This increases engagement and discussions. Your posts on your Facebook Page are not seen by all of your fans. In fact, only some of them will see it. But with your Facebook Group, you can reach your target audience much more easily.

Once you have a Facebook Group make sure that it works together with your Facebook Page. Let your fans know that you have a Facebook Group they can join.

Facebook groups help businesses promote products, services, offer customer support and much more. It can create a unique community that allows its members to interact, share ideas, ask questions, and offer encouragement for entrepreneurs.

Here are ways to use a Facebook Group.

Show Your Expertise

Your Facebook Group exists to build a community, to add value, offer advice, network with other industry peers, have discussions with your customers, give customer service, or solve customer problems. You can share your expertise with them. Have them engage in the group, ask you questions, and give them lots of benefits and reasons to always come back and trust you as a source of information.

Provide Customer Service

Create an easy way for your customers to get in touch with you, get their questions answered by providing amazing customer care. And by offering up a group for your customers may be something for you to consider. Chances are that your competition hasn’t started a group yet.

Customer Appreciation

This is a fabulous opportunity to let your customers know how much you appreciate them. Making them feel part of your community will increase trust and loyalty. It could be a great way to offer discounts or a first chance before a sale starts or introduce a new product line.

Collect Feedback

If you want to test out new ideas with your customers then the group is an ideal opportunity to do so. Ask for feedback on new ideas or products to help steer you in the right direction. It can lead to creating products and services that your customers want and are looking for.

Communicate With Your Team

By creating a private Facebook Group with your business team it can allow your staff and employees to communicate easily within the group, sharing updates, and staying informed.

Are you in any Facebook Groups yet? Why not find a couple this week and see where it takes you. Maybe get some ideas to start your own business Facebook Group. You may be surprised at the opportunities that open up.

Have you used Facebook Groups to build your business? I’d love to hear of your favourites and how they’ve helped you.