Now that we’ve entered into 2021 we should consider what the next best step is in our Facebook marketing strategy. If you have a small business or you’re a solopreneur or someone with a side-hustle you should pay attention to the top Facebook trends for this year.

Given that Facebook is a big part of a lot of people’s lives it makes sense that businesses would want to focus on the best ways to connect with their fans and followers.

So staying up-to-date on the latest Facebook trends can help you stand out and create the right strategy for you to do that.

The Facebook Trends for 2021

Facebook Live Video: This is the biggest trend and will continue to grow in 2021. Get the best return on your investment for your time and your energy with live video. It easily connects you with your followers. This live video format is getting more engagement over all other types of content.

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Facebook Video: If you have recorded a video you can upload it to your page. This is the next best way to get in front of more eyeballs and into people’s newsfeeds. This will continue to grow in 2021.

Facebook Groups: Facebook Groups will also rise. People are loving the private interest-driven communities that Facebook groups provide. And when you have a place for your true fans to come together, to connect with you and the other members in the group it creates its own community of like-minded people.

Facebook Shops: We will see the continued growth of online shopping and Facebook has really pushed their Facebook Shops. If you haven’t started yours yet take a look at it. It works great if you have products but it can also work for online services as well.

Personal Style: Use your personality on your Facebook page so people can see your style. So you might want to think about how to do that and implement that strategy into your plan.

Hashtags: Watch for an increase in hashtag use on Facebook too. It looks like this is expected to be on the rise in 2021.

Customer Service: There has been an increase in the use of Facebook for customer service.

So those are some of the top trends that will head up Facebook in 2021.

How can you use these trends to your advantage?

Start by creating a plan for 2021 especially for the first quarter. Here are a few things to look at to create a Facebook plan and strategy.

Set your goals and objectives. Know what you want to achieve and establish a timeline so you reach your goals. Determine what is most important for you to improve.

Here are some areas to consider.

Get more organic reach and engagement – people to be reacting to your posts?

Post more consistently or improve the quality of your content.

Start doing Facebook lives or recorded video to upload to your page.

Do you want more page likes?  Now I don’t want you to get caught up in vanity metrics. What you should focus on is the audience you have now.

Create more personal style on your page.

Use Facebook to do more customer service?


Whatever your goal is you have to map out how you are going to achieve it.


Let me know if this has been helpful to you. Reach out if you need help planning your year. Sometimes we just need to talk it through to get on the right foot and headed in the right direction.

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