Facebook Live video is the hottest trend and with so much going on online now it really is the best way for you to connect with your fans and followers.

Showing up consistently lets them get to know you. They can see your style and live video gives them an opportunity to ask you questions, join in the conversation or react and comment.

Facebook Live video receives six times more engagement than a regular video.

And the Facebook algorithm is giving preference to live video which means your live video will get seen in more people’s newsfeeds.

So, how do you start, how do you know what to say and feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera?

Let’s take a look at some easy ideas that can help you get started doing Facebook Lives.

  1. Have a Q & A. Answer questions in real-time. You probably get asked some of the same questions over and over again. So you can take some of those questions to use to start off your Q&A.
  2. Showcase an event. Right now rather than holding a live event create a virtual event by going live on Facebook
  3. Share your industry or business updates.
  4. Behind the scenes. Give your audience a sneak peek into your business. Show them your business culture or values.
  5. Showcase your products or services. Do a walk through your store, show them new products that are available or what you’re working on.
  6. Create a weekly theme. It could be a regular live video or maybe you go live with the same theme one day each week.
  7. Teach viewers how to do something. It could be a product demo, paint night if you’re an artist or whatever aligns with your business.


Planning your Facebook Lives in advance is the best strategy. Being prepared is the key to showing up confidently and consistently and you’ll feel more comfortable in front of the camera when you know what to say to your fans and followers.

You can see there is no shortage of ways you can go live on Facebook.

To learn more about how to get started doing Facebook Live video with confidence and feel comfortable going live check out my 5-Day Challenge: Five and You’re Live. You’ll get all the steps you need to prepare your live video using my Facebook Live Mindset Shift™.

Hopefully, these Facebook Live video ideas in this blog help you whether it’s your first live or not.

Have you done a Facebook Live video for your business? Did you find these ideas helpful? Share in the comments below.