If you want to grow your business and make real connections with your fans and followers then you need to start doing live video. When you shift your mindset you can build your confidence so you can get started doing Facebook live video now.

We see people doing Facebook live videos in a variety of ways. And that trend is only getting stronger and it’s not going away anytime soon.

It’s the best way for you to reach a wider audience and get engagement from the followers that you currently have.

You might already know that you want to start doing live video but…

…OK before we go any further I want you to finish this statement, “I want to start doing Facebook Lives but __________________________”.

What did you just say to yourself to fill in the blank?

There are all kinds of reasons that hold people back from being able to show up in a live video.

So in order to get past the struggles and challenges, we need to look at shifting our mindset – how we think or what we think that gets in the way and why it’s an issue.

By eliminating the hesitancy and lack of confidence and try to understand what it is that makes us feel uncomfortable to go in front of the camera then it’s possible to be confident and comfortable and show up for our audience.

Today, I want to share with you three strategies to use right now so you can connect with your followers in a way that using email marketing, sending a newsletter, or posting a blog can’t.

Facebook Live video is very powerful stuff.

If you are ready to shift your mindset then take note of these strategies that can help you.


The first one is to create your own process before you go live. Like a pre-live ritual. All the things you do to prepare before you go live. This could start weeks in advance or a few days before.

This is the foundation that you use every time you prepare a Facebook live – before you actually go live.

You need to give yourself this time to prepare a few days ahead but you also need to give yourself 30 minutes or at least 15 minutes before you hit the go-live button to get in the zone.

You don’t want to be scrambling at the last moment and being flustered when you go live.

Your energy is important and the vibe you give to your audience. If you’re flustered and uncomfortable they will pick up on it.

We’re not striving for perfection. We’re striving to be prepared because anything can happen when we’re live and the more prepared, confident, and comfortable you are, then you will be able to react in a good way to something unexpected happening.

Your pre-live ritual will allow you to do the best you can and the more confident you’ll be and you’re live videos will get better and better each time.

The next strategy is remembering that you are providing value and service for your followers and potential customers. This means that when you show up in front of your audience it’s all about them. It’s not about you.

So if you’re worried about how you look or sound when you’re doing your live, if that is on your mind then the focus of your live will be on you and it will affect your energy. And viewers pick up on it and they won’t engage with you.

Make sure you know what your purpose is for your live video. Know exactly the message you’re delivering for them.

Providing value for your fans and followers watching your live video or the replay is your goal. Ask yourself how is the content in your live going to benefit them? What will they walk away with? How do you want them to feel?

Remember, it’s not about you. You’re showing up for them.

And the last strategy is that you can’t focus on how many people are showing up during your live video. You’ll get more views afterward from the replay.

Creating an engaging live video experience for your fans and followers will entice them to react or leave a comment. And this engagement will get your replay in more people’s newsfeeds where you can get even more engagement and followers.

So engagement is your concern not how many people show up while you’re live. And as you begin to get more engagement that in turn will build your confidence.

Showing up consistently is the key too. And at first, you might only have a few viewers if any at all while you’re live and maybe a few from the replay and probably little or no engagement. But don’t worry this is common. Don’t let this discourage you and cause you to give up.

Deciding to show up consistently with a live video once a week or whatever frequency works for you means that your audience knows what to expect and tune in to watch it live or afterward as a replay. Facebook prioritizes live video especially when you are consistently posting engaging content.


So if you’re struggling to get started doing Facebook Live videos or doing them consistently then these simple strategies can help you become confident and comfortable in front of the camera. Being prepared and having a pre-live ritual, providing value for your followers and making it about them, and focusing on engagement and not how many people show up during your live video will allow you to shift your mindset and build your confidence.

What are you struggling with? Leave me a comment on what holds you back from doing Facebook Live video.


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