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3001, 2021

How to Shift Your Mindset & Build Your Confidence So You Can Do Facebook Live Video

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If you want to grow your business and make real connections with your fans and followers then you need to start doing live video. When you shift your mindset you can build your confidence so you can get started doing Facebook live video now. We see people doing Facebook live videos in a variety of ways. And that trend is [...]

2201, 2021


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Facebook Live video is the hottest trend and with so much going on online now it really is the best way for you to connect with your fans and followers. Showing up consistently lets them get to know you. They can see your style and live video gives them an opportunity to ask you questions, join in the conversation or [...]

1601, 2021


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TO HELP PLAN YOUR YEAR Now that we’ve entered into 2021 we should consider what the next best step is in our Facebook marketing strategy. If you have a small business or you’re a solopreneur or someone with a side-hustle you should pay attention to the top Facebook trends for this year. Given that Facebook is a big part of [...]

309, 2018

How to Create a Content and Promotional Calendar to Get More Done

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Let Go of the Daily Challenges so Your Business Can Thrive My last few months have felt chaotic. I’ve been pulled in all directions and feeling out of step. Now, after re-branding my business, it’s time to take a breather and re-adjust my planning and scheduling. There always seems like a million things that should capture my attention every day. [...]

3008, 2018

Easy Tips on How to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

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How You Can Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business I’m always looking for ways to grow my business using social media. It might seem like a daunting task for you to learn all there is to know about using Facebook for business. I try to expand my social media business by implementing one or two new ideas or [...]

2708, 2018

Quick Tips for Getting Started With Facebook Video

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Ways You Can Use Facebook Video for More Engagement Video on Facebook is seeing a huge explosion with 100 million hours’ worth of video being watched per day. With 4 billion video streams daily, Facebook has established itself as a powerful headliner when it comes to video. So here are some Facebook video tips. One minute of video is [...]